The Langlands School and College (originally Sayurj School) educates about nine hundred pupils (over a third of whom are girls) from the age of four to eighteen in the poor and remote district of Chitral in the Hindu Kush mountains of Northern Pakistan.

The Langlands School and College is unique. It is a Chitrali school – with mainly Chitrali teachers – that has very strong links with Britain. Throughout its history there have been English teachers and principals at the school, and this tradition is continuing. The school draws on the best traditions of British education and maintains contact with outstanding schools in England.

At the same time the school works to instill in its children a proper pride in their Chitrali heritage through lessons on the history of Chitral in the local Khowar language. The school believes that preserving the endangered language and culture is a crucial part of its mission.

The school’s whole way of living is guided by the belief that a good school should, through the influence it extends over its pupils and the wider school community, contribute towards building a better society.

The Langlands School and College is registered under the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860 and is run on a not-for-profit basis.


Friends of Langlands School was set up in 2012 to raise funds to support The Langlands School and College, Chitral by helping the school financially and by furthering its work in other ways.?