The school (originally called the Sayurj Public School) was started in September 1988 by the local Deputy Commissioner, Javed Majid in the guest quarters of his official residence.

The school’s earliest teachers included three young English women whose enthusiasm, energy and commitment are still remembered in Chitral. They set high standards and gave the school a solid foundation. Young local teachers, three of whom are still serving the school today, worked with the first English teachers.

The school’s first head was Juliette Seibold, a graduate of the Sorbonne. She was succeeded by Geoffrey Langlands, who had taught for many years at Aitchison College in Lahore and had been principal of Cadet College, Razmak. Under Mr Langlands the school grew steadily, with a new class added to the school each year. Class 5 was added in 1990, Class 6 in 1991 and so on until the school developed to its present size. English volunteer teachers continued to serve at the school, ensuring that all the pupils spoke fluent English.

In 2013 Carey Schofield took over as Principal.

Pupils from the Langlands School and College are doing well in their further studies and in their chosen professions. Many have completed their studies at top universities in Pakistan and abroad, often with scholarships and bursaries. The school has produced lawyers, doctors, engineers, accountants, army officers, businessmen and others who are already serving their country with distinction.

Students of the Langlands School come from a variety of backgrounds. Many of their families are not rich, and make sacrifices in order to educate their children. The fees cannot be set too high in area such as Chitral where family incomes are generally modest.

Despite its proven record of success, therefore, the Langlands School and College needs help urgently.

Investment is crucial to maintain and upgrade the buildings, to improve the facilities and to equip the school to deliver the first-rate education that its pupils deserve.